Hideo Kojima Xbox

Since Hideo Kojima's high-profile split with Metal Gear publisher Konami, the industry vet has been developing games with his own studio: Kojima Productions. Those games include an upcoming Xbox project, along with Death Stranding of course. Regardless of the partnerships forged by KJP so far, the team clearly wants to stay independent well into the future.

Speaking on a recent Brain Structure podcast episode with The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley, Kojima spoke about acquisition offers and his desire to stay independent (thanks, GameRadar):

"Every day, I am approached by offers from all over the world to buy our studio. Some of those offers are ridiculously high prices, but it's not that I want money, [...] I want to make what I want to make. That's why I created this studio. So as long as I'm alive, I don't think I will ever accept those offers."

Of course, we've seen vague links between Xbox and pretty much every game company on the planet regarding acquisitions, especially since Microsoft made moves for both Bethesda and Activision Blizzard. Kojima didn't mention Xbox by name, but there's every chance MS could have been one of the potential suitors for his team.

For now, Kojima Productions remains independent and we're incredibly intrigued by what the team will end up creating as part of its partnership with Xbox.

Would you like Xbox to scoop up KJP? Or would you prefer them to stay independent? Leave your thoughts down in the comments!

[source gamesradar.com]