Gears of War

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski recently chatted with IGN about his new book 'Control Freak', and as usual, Gears was a major talking point.

In one segment, he touched on the sale of the franchise to Microsoft in 2014 - mentioning how Epic didn't really seem to know what to do with the series after he left alongside Gears of War 2 gameplay designer Lee Perry and Gears of War producer Rod Ferguson.

Epic needed the money at the time, and this led to the franchise being purchased by the Xbox maker:

"I believe that Epic didn't really know what to do with the franchise... They hadn't shipped a game in a while. The [Unreal] engine was doing rather well, but they were growing and they probably needed the income even though they really didn't know what to do with the future of the franchise."

Bleszinski goes on to mention in the interview how Phil Spencer was the only one who contacted him once the sale had gone through:

"As much as I loved Tim and Mark [Rein, VP of Epic Games] and we're still in touch, but when the IP was sold to Microsoft the only phone call I got was from Phil Spencer. Right? And that's Phil. Phil is, as they say, a gentleman and a scholar."

When Microsoft stepped in, The Coalition took over - with the team shipping Gears 4 and Gears 5. As for what Bleszinski thinks about the latest entries? He's not sure these new entries have the same "heart" as the originals, but still thinks they're "really, really good".

How have you found the Gears series since it was sold to Team Xbox? Comment below.