The team over at Digital Foundry have taken a good long look at Evil West on current-gen consoles to see how the game performs on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5. Both of the more expensive consoles offer two performance modes, while Xbox Series S currently delivers just one 30FPS mode, but all versions seem to have some drawbacks right now.

Overall, DF recommends sticking with the 60FPS mode on Xbox Series X and PS5, due to inconsistent frame pacing at 30FPS on all consoles. Sadly, that means Series S users are stuck with this problem unless we see a patch in the near future.

"The 30fps modes do suffer from intrusive frame-pacing problems... I think the game is otherwise well configured for a smooth 30fps experience, with plenty of motion blur and responsive animation but the broken frame-rate cap really needs to be fixed. It's especially urgent for Series S, which lacks a 60fps mode to use instead."

"If you have the option, I think the Performance modes on Series X and PS5 are definitely the way to go for now, though all modes on current-generation consoles could use some work... The experience can look a little murky at 1080p and the quality modes on PS5 and Series X don't deliver the sort of image clarity we're used to seeing from 30fps games on the premium current-gen consoles."

Still, the team does throw quite a bit of praise Evil West's way, calling it an "excellent shooter". The video also shows off some great environmental variety, which is praised by the tech review, and the frame rate targets are generally hit successfully, aside from the aforementioned frame pacing issue.

"If you can overlook [the] problems, this is a very enjoyable title - but with a little bit of extra attention and a few patches, Evil West could really shine."

On our side of things, we found Evil West to be just okay. We thought the game felt dated throughout, despite some fun action sequences.

How are you finding Evil West so far? Let us know what you think!

What Score Would You Give Evil West So Far?