Xbox Users Left Irritated By Excessive MW2 Ads On The Dashboard

It's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launch day, and as you may have noticed, Xbox is very much in the mood to celebrate the occasion! Unfortunately, some of those celebrations have been rubbing Xbox fans the wrong way.

Earlier today, various Xbox users began taking to social media to share their frustration at Modern Warfare 2 taking up three advertising slots on the main dashboard, with plenty of criticism directed towards the idea:

As you can imagine, this Reddit post in particular conjured up a lot of debate, with many siding with the original poster's complaints about the excessive ads, although some also questioned why it was considered such a big deal:

We've got a little tip to share if you find yourself getting irritated by the ads on the Xbox dashboard - if you hover over the offending ad and hit the 'Menu' button on your Xbox controller, you can choose to "show less like this".

Anyway, it's interesting to see all the debate surrounding this topic, and hopefully Xbox takes it into account!

Irritated by the ads, or don't understand the big deal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.