Although we've had it covered in our Xbox Game Pass October 2022 roundup for quite some time now, we wanted to draw your attention more closely to the arrival of Signalis on Xbox Game Pass, which drops on Thursday, October 27th!

Signalis is described as a "classic survival horror experience set in a dystopian future", and its gameplay will see you "experience fear and apprehension as you encounter strange horrors, carefully manage scarce resources, and seek solutions to challenging riddles". You can check out some footage of the game in the trailer above.

We've seen a bunch of previews dropping across the web recently for Signalis, and they seem to be very positive on the whole, albeit just a few qualms here and there. God Is a Geek called the game "fantastic", while CBR praised it as an "excellent" game, but one that perhaps could do with "having a bit more faith in itself".

We'll have to see how the final version fares - look out for it on Xbox Game Pass next Thursday!

A classic survival horror experience set in a dystopian future where humanity has uncovered a dark secret. Unravel a cosmic mystery, escape terrifying creatures, and scavenge an off-world government facility as Elster, a technician Replika searching for her lost dreams.

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