Microsoft Lays Out 'Benefits' Of Xbox + Activision Blizzard On New Website

Xbox is continuing to try and sell its case for merging with Activision Blizzard, via a new website that details the benefits that'll come from the merger. Microsoft's new online portal is dubbed "our vision for gaming", and it basically brings all the info on the deal under one roof, including the reasons for the acquisition, company commitments regarding the merge, and the latest updates on its progress.

There's not a lot of new information in here, but it does serve as a nice gathering point for everything on the Xbox Activision Blizzard deal. The page lays out the benefits of the acquisition to players, game developers and the gaming industry, and there's also a quote from Xbox boss Phil Spencer on the philosophy behind Xbox's move for Activision.

Here's what Phil Spencer had to say in his quote on the website:

"Giving players choice in how they play their games makes gaming more accessible and leads to larger, more vibrant communities of players. Choice is equally important to developers. Developers benefit from having a diversity of distribution and business models for their games. Choice unlocks opportunities for innovation and enables the industry to grow."

This whole thing feels like a response to recent bouts of scrutiny the company has faced regarding the deal. As recent as yesterday, we heard rumours that PlayStation's Jim Ryan had flown out to Brussels to talk with EU regulators about the acquisition, not to mention other authorities taking extra steps to further scrutinise the deal.

We can only hope that sooner rather than later, the Xbox Activision deal will be completed and we can start talking about the games. There's an Activision-shaped gap on Xbox Game Pass that we'd like to see filled pretty soon... if the deal goes through, that is!

What do you make of the latest Xbox ActiBlizz developments? Let us know down below.