We got all excited about the six games confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in November 2022 recently, but unfortunately we've got to pull one of them out of the list, as the console release for Humankind has been delayed indefinitely.

In a statement, the dev teams explained that "unexpected challenges" have forced them to delay the console version, but they are "working hard to bring the best possible Humankind experience to console players".

"We know this will be frustrating for many of you, but we believe this delay is for the best, as we want to make sure to provide the best possible experience to console players. Unfortunately, we're not in a position to give a timeframe on a new release date right now, but we will update you all as soon as we can."

It sounds like this could be quite a significant delay as well, as digital pre-orders of the game are going to be refunded in the near future, suggesting that an imminent release isn't likely. Probably sometime in 2023, then...?

In the meantime, don't forget that you can at least play Humankind on PC Game Pass, which launched as part of that library back in late 2021. There's also plenty of other good stuff to look forward to on Xbox Game Pass in November!

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