Here's A Closer Look At The New, Cheaper Xbox Mini Fridge

Last week, Microsoft revealed that a brand-new version of the Xbox Mini Fridge was going to be made available around the world, this time taking the form of an even smaller design at a cheaper price than the original edition.

And now, we've had a chance to actually look at it properly. YouTuber Lamarr Wilson got his hands on the new Xbox Mini Fridge very recently, and showed off what it looks like (along with some of its features) in a short video:

As you can see, this new version of the Xbox Mini Fridge isn't that much bigger than a standard Xbox Series X. It does also come with an improved design and noise reduction - Lamarr makes a big deal about the latter in his clip.

If you're interested in picking one up, it seems to be quite difficult to find at the moment aside from at Walmart where it's out of stock. As mentioned previously though, it'll be available globally at some point in the (hopefully) near future, retailing at a price of just $79.00 US. Looks like a good buy to us!

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