A Plague Tale Requiem Xbox Game Pass

Asobo's much-anticipated follow-up to A Plague Tale: Innocence is almost here; it's so close we can almost feel the sea of rats closing in on us. Luckily, main characters Hugo and Amicia have some new tools at their disposal in A Plague Tale: Requiem, to help deal with the dangers at hand.

Ahead of the game's Xbox Game Pass launch next week, the team has shown off a little bit about what both Hugo and Amicia can do in the sequel. Here's Hugo's new powers on show:

As you can see, Hugo's toolset has improved hugely in Requiem. Not only can the lil' guy 'feel' his enemies, highlighting them in a neon orange glow for us to spot, but he can also 'control' the rat swarms to take out enemies. Smart!

Amicia on the other hand has to rely on more Earthly tools, but still, she's a dab hand with the game's new crossbow! Here it is in action:

Amicia's trusty slingshot is still present here, but the addition of a crossbow looks a welcome one, especially for the more menacing enemies! It looks as though her new weapon will come in handy in the late game, for sure.

We're not far off now folks! A Plague Tale: Requiem hits Xbox Series X|S — including Game Pass — next Tuesday, October 18th.

Are you hyped for next week's launch? Let us know down below if you'll be playing day one!