Far Cry 6

A reliable Windows & Xbox store leaker who goes by the name of ALumia_Italia on Twitter has dropped some interesting info about upcoming Far Cry 6 content. The leak pertains to a new 'Game of the Year upgrade pass', which apparently includes a brand new expansion for the game.

That expansion, according to the leak, will be titled 'Lost Between Worlds'. At present, no other details about the DLC or its release have been revealed.

If the above image is accurate, it looks like the rest of the upgrade will merely include existing FC6 content, including the game's season pass and 'Ultimate Pack'.

Pretty quickly, fans have gone on to mock Ubisoft's definition of "Game of the Year". Replies to the above tweet, along with a similar Reddit post, have garnered plenty of feedback questioning how the company has come to the conclusion that Far Cry 6 deserves a GOTY tag. It's all for the new bundle we suppose!

What do you think of all this? Intrigued by the 'Lost Between Worlds' expansion? Let us know below.