Good news if you liked the popular indie game Song of Iron, as its sequel has been announced today as part of the ID@Xbox Fall Showcase 2022. Song of Iron 2 is coming to Xbox One, Series X, Series S and PC in 2023!

The game follows the events of the original, featuring side-scrolling, run and gun melee combat with the ability to "explore the world while sailing freely between numerous locations to reach the four remaining warrior clans."

Here's a bit more about what you can expect:

"Return to the moody, Nordic-inspired world of Song of Iron. Embrace the 'Chainbreaker' name given to you by Odin. Seek out the viking clans and free them from thralldom. Hunt down Wolfric, whose clan razed your home and killed the one you loved. Chase vengeance, fight the Imperium, and unite the clans!"

"Challenge any who dare block your path in the visceral, merciless, run-and-gun melee combat of Song of Iron 2. Prove your bravery against foes new and old, including goblins, trolls, draugr, Imperium guards, and even gods. Maintain momentum during combat encounters, keeping bosses and minions at bay with constant pressure to avoid being overwhelmed."

There's no date for Song of Iron yet, but if you head to the game's official website, a demo will be available for Steam in the near future for those who sign up to the game's newsletter.

Will you be picking up Song of Iron 2 next year on Xbox? Tell us in the comments below.