xbox silent hill

A new Silent Hill game appears to have been rated for the Korean region following multiple rumours of a series revival going around throughout the year. The listing, as spotted by Gematsu, refers to the name 'Silent Hill: The Short Message', but details beyond that are scarce.

The Short Message's publisher is listed as 'UNIANI', a label that regularly releases Konami games in Korea. Gematsu also notes that the same publisher has just been tagged onto Konami's eFootball 2023 launch in the region.

Rumours of a new Silent Hill of some kind have been going around for eons at this point, but things started to gather pace earlier this year when multiple projects were said to be in development at various studios.

We also got additional hints earlier this month that some sort of reveal was close, with September pinned as a potential reveal window. We're not far off Halloween at this point though - maybe Konami is saving the big reveal for spooky season! We shouldn't have to wait too long to find out...

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