Behaviour Interactive's asymmetric survival horror hit, Dead By Daylight, is getting set to release its next new chapter of content - this usually occurs in and around October - and if DBD Leaks, a source which has previously nailed a few predictions about the game is to be believed, Ubisoft's For Honor is the next crossover.

Yes, over on ye olde Twitter, DBD Leaks has shared a post that claims fans of the multiplayer slasher game are headed for a rather unexpected pairing - although For Honor has, surprisingly, already featured in a special event within the game back in 2021. The post claims this all-new chapter will feature an exclusive new map "from an entirely new realm!" and there's even been some follow-up speculation that a brand new killer and survivor are also on their way.

DBD Leaks had also suggested back in August that the new killer for Chapter 26 could be "The Knight", whilst over on Reddit speculation is rife amongst fans as to which new characters could be plucked from Ubisoft's action game for this next crossover.

Having previously been right on the money about content drops for Dead By Daylight featuring characters from the Resident Evil franchise, we're pretty confident that some medieval-style murder is on its way this Halloween.

Are you looking forward to diving into a Dead By Daylight X For Honor crossover this Halloween? Any ideas for who you reckon could be the new killer/survivor? As always, let us know in the comments.