Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Has No Plans to Retire Anytime Soon. Large

As the Xbox ActiBlizz deal continues to push on through its regulatory rounds, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has come out with a fresh statement on what the deal means for the industry. Within that statement, Spencer talks about Xbox's Game Pass growth, and how the Activision deal will help expand the service.

The Xbox boss says that Game Pass is making gaming "more affordable" and that the service's expansion to include Xbox Cloud Gaming is making it more accessible to players worldwide; players who prefer to use mobile devices for gaming.

The statement also hints at what's to come for the library itself. Spencer name drops Call of Duty, Diablo and Overwatch as series' that Xbox intends to add to Game Pass once the deal goes through. In turn, Xbox hopes these franchises will be even more accessible than before the deal.

"We intend to make Activision Blizzard’s much-loved library of games – including Overwatch, Diablo and Call of Duty – available in Game Pass and to grow those gaming communities."

Sadly, we still don't know when these franchises will come to Game Pass - hell, we don't know which of the bucket load of CoD games will come either. Even so, it's safe to expect Xbox to bring as many titles from these series' — and other Activision Blizzard IP — straight to Xbox Game Pass as soon as possible.

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