Xbox Elite Controller Design Labs

Alongside today's announcement of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core, Microsoft has revealed that starting this holiday season, its premium controller is coming to Xbox Design Lab! That's right, you'll be able to further customise Elite pads later this year, which is great news for folks who want a more personal premium controller.

For now, we're not sure if the Elite Series 2 will have quite as many customisation options as the standard Xbox controller, but the short tease we have does showcase a number of faceplate colour options - which is something we've wanted to see for quite a while! Going off Xbox's statement on the move, we don't think we're the only ones either...

Since Xbox Design Lab debuted in 2016, the number one fan request has been to include Elite controllers in our unique customization program to empower further personalization of that premium experience. Today we’re announcing that coming this holiday, you will be able to do just that when we bring Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 to Xbox Design Lab! We’re excited to bring more choices to gamers around the world and can’t wait to see how fans reimagine what it is to be Elite.

At present, there's no release date for the Elite Series 2 on Design Lab aside from "this holiday", but we'll be sure to keep you informed when we hear of one!

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