Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has announced that a remake of the 2014 Japan-only PlayStation game 'Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin!' is heading to Xbox One, Series X and Series S on February 21st, 2023! This time, it's called 'Like a Dragon: Ishin'.

As revealed on the PlayStation Blog earlier today, Like a Dragon: Ishin is the first game from the studio to be built using Unreal Engine 4, "bringing astounding graphical quality to the Like a Dragon franchise".

Here are some more details about what to expect from the game:

"Like a Dragon: Ishin! is an action-adventure historical thriller set uniquely in 1860s Kyo, a fictionalized version of Kyoto. While other games tell earlier stories in Japanese history, Like a Dragon: Ishin! lets you experience the story of how the iconic samurai era vanished. Our hero, Sakamoto Ryoma, is a true historical figure largely credited with overthrowing the shogunate and taking Japan into a radical reformation."

"In Like a Dragon: Ishin!, you can slash through foes with a lethal blade using the Swordsman style or sharpshoot your enemies with a revolver using the Gunman style. Better yet, wield both a gun and sword and enter a fury with the Wild Dancer style. And when you’re feeling extra brutal, smash some skulls with your bare fists using the Brawler style."

You can watch the reveal trailer above, along with a fresh new trailer from the RGG Summit 2022 below:

Eager to check out Like a Dragon: Ishin on Xbox next year? Let us know in the comments below.