We've been treated to another nice surprise today, as the four-player shooter Deep Rock Galactic is now officially optimised for Xbox Series X|S, complete with a 120FPS performance mode. Plus, it's included with Game Pass!

The Xbox Wire article about this doesn't mention too many specifics regarding the upgrade, aside from that it makes the game "a much smoother experience on current-generation consoles", but we do at least know that the 120FPS mode "leverages dynamic upscaling" which means it renders at the highest resolution possible.

If your display doesn't support 120FPS, there are still Fidelity and Performance modes as well.

For those who haven't played Deep Rock Galactic yet, we waxed lyrical about the game last year in a Soapbox here at Pure Xbox, calling it "one of Xbox's most hidden gems". Definitely worth a download!

You can check out more details about the game below:

"DRG is a 4-player co-op shooter where you play as space-mining dwarves on the planet Hoxxes. Each mission takes place in a procedurally generated cave with 100% destructible terrain. The game has grown over the years with new missions, biomes, weapons, and more. We keep adding new content to the game in the form of Seasons, with Season 02: Rival Escalation being the most recent one."

Happy to see Deep Rock Galactic getting a free Xbox Series X and S upgrade? Let us know below.

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