Deathloop Xbox Game Pass Perk

The much-anticipated arrival of Deathloop on Xbox Game Pass just got a little bit sweeter! Microsoft has revealed that as part of September's Game Pass perks package, Deathloop's 'Hunting Pack' will be free for Ultimate subscribers.

The Hunting Pack grants players two additional character skins; the 'Horizon' skin for Colt, and the 'Athleisure' skin for Julianna. There's also an extra weapon tucked in here; the 'Ultralite' Rapier weapon.

The pack will be available at no extra cost for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers tomorrow, September 21st. You may struggle to resist getting stuck in beforehand though; we've just granted Deathloop a rare 10/10 in our Pure Xbox review!

Are you looking forward to Deathloop on Xbox Game Pass? Waiting for the free perk? Let us know below!