Deathloop Game Pass

To coincide with Deathloop's Xbox Series X and S launch, game director Dinga Bakaba has sat down with Xbox Wire to talk all things Deathloop, including the advantages of releasing on Game Pass this time around. Speaking of Game Pass, it sounds like Bakaba has been bitten by the simulator bug just like the rest of us!

After its year-long exclusivity period on PS5, Deathloop comes to Xbox platforms with an opportunity for what is effectively a second launch. Here's how Bakaba feels Arkane can benefit from launching on a service like Xbox Game Pass:

When I hear that overnight, so many players are going to be able to enjoy our game at the same time, I’m thrilled! More people means more opinions, more feedback… and it also allows us to reach certain territories where video games are less accessible because they’re very expensive; I’m thinking of Brazil, for example, where Arkane’s games have many fans. Making our game more accessible, we don’t think twice about it.

Of course, Xbox Game Pass benefits us all as players too, not just the dev teams. Not only do we get a comprehensive service that now delivers all Xbox first party games on day one (including future Arkane titles), the subscription also provides a place to discover some, shall we say less-fashionable genres. As it turns out, Deathloop's director has been doing just that:

As far as discoveries go, there are really plenty… I think the latest one is Power Wash Simulator. I don’t know what could have made me buy this game, even the advice of a friend, and yet it’s super fun, it’s relaxing… We have single player games, multiplayer games, very short titles that you can finish in 4 hours, others that you will finish in 150 hours… It’s really nice!

Well, if you fancy discovering something new on Xbox Game Pass, you can't go far wrong with Arkane's latest immersive sim. We've given Deathloop a 10/10 in our Xbox Series X review, where we even gave it the distinction of being Arkane's best game ever. There's some serious competition for that prize as well!

Have you got stuck into Deathloop yet? If so, leave your initial, spoiler-free impressions down below.