EA Dead Space

EA Motive's Dead Space remake is closer than you might think, with a projected release date of January 27th, 2023. However, we've not seen much gameplay on it recently despite it being just a few months away. Well, that might be about to change real soon.

A new Insider Gaming report by Tom Henderson digs into what we can expect from the Dead Space remake, and when we might see more of the game in action. Henderson suggests that sources are saying 'mid-October' for some more "official details" on the game, and that the team is being "respectful" with any changes made to the original.

It's good to hear that the dev team is conscious of sticking closely to the original while also modernizing Dead Space as a next-gen experience. Last April, after showing off parts of the game, the team confirmed that it was already making some adjustments due to fan feedback.

The report also mentions that impressions are positive so far behind the scenes, but we'll certainly be waiting on that upcoming official reveal to cast our own judgement on EA's Dead Space remake ahead of release.

Are you hyped to revisit Dead Space after all these years? Let us know!

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