Hellblade 2 Is Busy Figuring Out Where Bird Poo Should Land

You'd think that Hellblade 2's launch is one of the closest amongst the upcoming Xbox slate, right? We've seen multiple extended demos of Ninja Theory's sequel in action, with last year's TGA showing looking mighty impressive. In reality, the team still appears to be very busy, figuring out a really important feature.

Bird poo! That's right, the team has tweeted out some top-secret dev footage of them figuring out where bird crap should land, in relation to terrain, flight paths and such. Fascinating stuff!

In all seriousness though, when is this game actually coming out?! We don't have a solid release date, or even a window confirmed just yet, as Ninja Theory continues to plug away on development. Hopefully, they figure out the bird poo situation soon enough and we can go hands on sometime this decade!

Do you often consider the accurate trajectory of bird poo when it falls from the sky? No? Alright...