Xbox Game Pass Platformer 'Tinykin' Is Impressing Players So Far

August 30th marked a very solid Xbox Game Pass day, with four great games added to the service on Tuesday. While Immortals Fenyx Rising and Immortality have been soaking up a lot of the attention thus far, new release Tinykin has been flying under the radar a little bit.

As it turns out, Splashteam's 3D platformer has been getting a pretty great reception. It's surprising folks over on Reddit, and its current set of early reviews have rated the title pretty highly, with a current score of 81 on Metacritic.

Our sister site Push Square was fairly impressed with this one as well, with recent hands-on time rating it 7/10, with performance issues one of the only negatives. We might have to give this one a go on Xbox Game Pass then!

Have you tried out Tinykin yet? Let us know what you think of it down below.