A new video from IGN goes into a little more detail about Xbox's big Starfield blowout from last month. The game was finally fully revealed at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase this year, with lengthy gameplay clips featured in the extensive showing.

This analysis is focusing purely on publicly available footage from June's event, with the outlet going over some of the visual techniques on show during the demo. For some reason, Xbox One is mentioned as a potential explanation for certain techniques being used by Bethesda, even though the game hasn't been announced for last-gen. Of course, a lot of these details could change for the final build of the game.

Mainly, this look at Starfield compares the upcoming sci-fi RPG with Bethesda Game Studios' previous work, especially how it's Creation Engine has evolved since Fallout 4, and even as far back as Skyrim. It's an interesting look at Starfield either way, at least before Xbox drops any more official footage ahead of the game's early 2023 launch!

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