Split/Second Dev: The Game Doesn't Need A Remaster, It's Still Great On Xbox

Twelve years later, we're still playing Split/Second on our Xboxes. Thanks to backwards compatibility, the classic Xbox 360 racer is playable not only in terms of its single-player campaign, but also its online multiplayer component.

For those who aren't aware, this was a Burnout-style racing game developed by Black Rock Studio and published by Disney Interactive, with its unique element being that you could activate "Power Plays" during races that would cause environmental animations to trigger, such as swinging a crane into your opponent, opening up shortcuts, or even going as far as to entirely demolish half the track in a fiery explosion. In a word, it was awesome.

However, speaking to our brand-new sister site Time Extension this week, Franchise Design Director Paul Glancey admitted that Power Plays were actually the downfall of the game in many ways, due to how complex they were to create:

"They became so difficult and expensive to pull off that they sucked up too many studio resources and knackered the original release schedule, which ultimately knackered the game's success and, I suspect, the studio."

So, what about a remaster or a sequel? The latter was actually in the works at one point, but developer Black Rock Studio ultimately ended up being closed, and the plans never came to fruition, which we think is a real shame!

As for a remaster, Glancey doesn't think it's necessary for Split/Second due to the game being available as part of backwards compatibility on Xbox, coupled with the fact it still holds up to this day:

"I still think it looks great and plays well. Maybe it deserves a sequel, but I don't think a remaster would add much, to be honest. It still impresses me as it is."

You can check out the full feature and interview with Glancey over at Time Extension.

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