During Quakecon 2022, some of the team at Arkane Studios have sat down to discuss all things Redfall, ahead of the game's early 2023 launch. Most, if not all of the footage in here is re-used from the recent showcase reveal, however, the team's discussion around the game's Vampiric open world is pretty interesting.

Arkane legend Harvey Smith says the game's open world feels "expansive" yet "lived in", and it's also the largest open space the team has created to date. The world is centred around on-foot traversal in Redfall, so it won't be the biggest open world ever, but given the nature of the the game there should be plenty to explore within.

Redfall Spooky

The discussion also breaks down the game's vampires and Arkane's approach to developing them. The team wanted to create something "spooky" rather straight-up scary, and they even dive into how the vampire attire plays a role in creating that mood.

All in all, Redfall seems to be shaping up pretty nicely, and with Deathloop's exclusivity period soon coming to an end, we're pretty hyped to go hands on with two Arkane adventures on Xbox pretty darn soon.

Are you liking the look of Redfall? Or does Deathloop entice you more? Leave your thoughts down below.