No More Robots Is Bringing Many More Games To Xbox Game Pass

British publisher No More Robots, and specifically their CEO Mike Rose, has spoken on multiple occasions about a love for Xbox Game Pass, and that love fest looks set to continue for a long time to come.

Earlier today, Rose posted a picture of himself as part of a group speaking to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, and followed it up by proclaiming that "more than half a dozen games [are] coming to Game Pass in the next 12 months".

If you're trying to think which games No More Robots has published on Xbox Game Pass before, they include the downhill biking game Descenders, 90s-style sim game Hypnospace Outlaw, roguelike deck-builder Nowhere Prophet and others.

There are no guarantees about what to expect from No More Robots on Xbox Game Pass in the future (update: 'Soccer Story' has been confirmed as one of the upcoming titles!), but it seems very likely their management sim "Let's Build a Zoo" and rural-life RPG "Spirittea" will be among the new additions.

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