Late August is suddenly looking really busy for Xbox Game Pass, and one of the games that has been confirmed for a while for an August 23rd release date is Midnight Fight Express... we've only got a few more days to wait!

Ahead of the launch, reviews have been hitting the web for the PC version (there's nothing for Xbox yet), giving us an idea of what to expect when the game arrives on Tuesday. So, we've picked out some impressions to highlight here!

Here's what some of the critics have been saying:

Well Played (9/10)

"With combat that’s as brutal as it is satisfying and a progression system that truly makes you feel like you’re mastering the craft of kicking arse, Midnight Fight Express is a brawler that surpasses most and challenges those at the top of the genre."

GameSpot (8/10)

"There's little to Midnight Fight Express beyond its blood-spattered combat, but its skirmishes offer so much depth, variety, and satisfaction that it doesn't necessarily need much more.

Repetition does begin to creep in as you approach the credits, yet the multitude of mo-capped animations ensures that you're still seeing new ways to batter enemies unconscious five hours in, and speaks to the excellence a developer can achieve when motion capture is utilized so extensively."

VG247 (4/5)

"It’s easy to recommend Midnight Fight Express. For one thing, it’ll launch into Game Pass on the day of its release, August 23. But even if Game Pass wasn’t a factor, it would still be worth buying for just how cool it makes you feel, how good it looks in motion – and best of all: how it allows both of those feelings to be accessible to most players."

Hardcore Gamer (3.5/5)

"While Midnight Fight Express falters when it comes to keeping things fresh, there’s still enough of a nicely-twisted plot, impressive levels with great action setpieces, and a terrific techno soundtrack that goes alongside the fast-paced combat to keep things enjoyable overall.

Beat-’em-up and/or fighting game enthusiasts and speedrunners will probably get the most satisfaction out of the game, but there’s still enough here for anyone that’s worthy of giving things a whirl."

Destructoid (6/10)

"I have mixed feelings about Midnight Fight Express. There are times when it clicked with me, and I tore through the levels, and others when I found myself sighing and hitting the retry button. There was no real middle ground. I was either entertained or completely annoyed."

As we say, there are no reviews for the Xbox version as of yet, but the PC version of Midnight Fight Express currently holds a 74 rating based on 20 reviews on Metacritic. We assume the Xbox version will be about the same.

Looking forward to Midnight Fight Express on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments below.