This really is the time of horror, space horror and multiplayer horror, right?! New titles are cropping up left, right and centre for the genre, with 80's horror-comedy 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space' the next in a long line of upcoming horror game adaptations.

This one falls into the 'multiplayer horror' category; it's being led by the same director from Friday the 13th: The Game. Jason has been ousted this time though, in favour of well, a bunch of killer clowns, as it turns out.

"Plan your own alien invasion and harvest humans as the iconic Killer Klowns, or gather a team of survivors to fight the extraterrestrial threat, in a game based on the ‘80s cult classic movie. Welcome to a new, craazzy take on the asymmetrical multiplayer horror experience!

Developer Teravision Games is aiming for an early 2023 release with this movie adaptation, at least in beta form. You can sign up right now for the upcoming multiplayer beta via the game's official website.

Are you interested in this one? Burnt out on MP horror games? Let us know either way!