Marty Stratton
Image: id Software's Marty Stratton

It's QuakeCon this weekend, and apart from sales and new game announcements for Xbox's PC Game Pass, there's also been some updates about id Software.

At the very beginning of the show, Marty Stratton confirmed the "next big game" from id Software was currently in development. It's not exactly a surprise, but it seems to be an official announcement of sorts.

Unfortunately, the team isn't ready to share any details just yet. Here's exactly what he had to say:

"Here at id, the team is hard at work on our next big game...although we are not ready to share those details quite yet..."

id Software most recently released DOOM Eternal in 2020, followed by a few expansion. And today, it's also finally launched the free-to-play PC game Quake Champions.

What would you like to see next from id Software? Comment down below.