Following its recent delay into 2023, Portkey Games is back with another look at Hogwarts Legacy. This title is looking very, very impressive we must admit, and pre-orders are opening up this Thursday, August 25th!

The trailer is quite brief; it's not a huge extended demo like our recent Sony State of Play look. Still, there's some cool scenes in here and to be honest, we'll take any Hogwarts Legacy footage we can get our hands on ahead of launch.

If you are looking at pre-ordering this one ASAP, there are some neat bonuses for picking up the digital deluxe edition in particular. Three days of early access to the game will no doubt be the biggest incentive, meaning deluxe owners can go hands on a full 72 hours before the game's February 10th launch.

Still hyped for Hogwarts Legacy? Give us your thoughts down below!