Hogwarts Xbox

If it actually comes out this year (something we'll know soon enough), Hogwarts Legacy will no doubt be one of the biggest games of 2022. Since the big gameplay reveal earlier this year we've not seen much on the game though, but now, one of the title's cinematics has leaked online, giving us fresh hope that we might see it in action again soon.

In a somewhat unlikely turn of events, this leak comes from an online event hosted by software company Autodesk. The software itself has a hand in creating Hogwarts Legacy's cinematics, something it was keen to show off (although not to the public, probably).

The cinematic on show looks like it still needs work before the final release, but things are looking promising overall! Hopefully we'll hear more on a Hogwarts Legacy release date for Xbox soon enough.

Some screengrabs of the game's character creator also leaked via the same Autodesk presentation, giving us a glimpse at what we'll be able create within the game's wizarding school! It's not much, admittedly, but Warner Bros is being pretty tight lipped on Hogwarts Legacy at the moment. Here's the full presentation too, if you're interested in how things are coming along:

Are you still pretty hyped for this one! Let us know your thoughts on how it's looking so far!

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