Forza Fans Debate Whether Horizon 5's Map Is More 'Boring' Than Horizon 4

One of the topics of debate we've noticed in the Forza community over the past 24 hours is whether Forza Horizon 5's Mexico map is more "boring" than Horizon 4's take on the UK, which has conjured up some interesting responses.

This was brought about by someone who suggested that compared to Forza Horizon 4, the Mexico map "feels lackluster and empty". They praised the Horizon 4 map as having "more density", with greater uniqueness to it.

"I was excited for FH5, but the map seems lackluster and empty. It is either a jungle, desert, or that one distinctive small town. Everything between it seems all the same, especially cornering angle wise (they are often straights or long, fast corners)."

"I feel there was more density to the FH4 map. Several intersections and roads that felt unique, I can still remember them. FH5 though is a blur, it all seems the same."

The responses from Forza fans have been mixed. Some agree with the sentiment that Forza Horizon 5's map is boring or even poorly designed, pointing to specific reasons why this might be the case:

Others, however, have commented on how Forza Horizon 4's map was criticised for being "boring" at the time as well, and they're slightly bigger fans of Horizon 5's take on Mexico as a result.

Lots of different opinions here, then, and many people in the discussion have also been mentioning that they preferred the maps from earlier games in the series. As for the editorial team here at Pure Xbox, we're again a bit divided on how we feel about the maps in Horizon 4 and Horizon 5... we'd really struggle to pick a winner between us!

But what about you? Which map is your favourite? Tell us in the poll and comments below!

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