Elon Musk Says There's 'No Value' In Another Gaming Console

SpaceX founder Elon Musk seems to have his hands in all the pies these days. As it turns out though, when he's not launching new spacecraft or whatever the hell he's doing, Musk enjoys gaming. However, a new gaming console doesn't appear to be on his list of forthcoming conquests.

In a new podcast appearance, Musk was asked about his gaming habits and what he plays these days. PC seems to be top of the list, with Musk also believing that there'd be no real benefit to another console competitor. Here's what he said in response to questions about making a new console:

"The consoles at this point are all basically PCs [...] I'm not sure there's value to be added by another console."

So, if you wanted a Tesla or SpaceX console, you're out of luck! We're not entirely surprised by this stance though. The big three platforms currently on the market seem to have things locked down, and it looks — from the outside looking in at least — incredibly tough for another new platform to launch in this day and age.

Anyway, here's a timestamp of the discussion surrounding Musk's gaming habits:

What do you think to another console competitor? Could Musk pull it off? Let us know below!