Elden Ring DF

We all knew Elden Ring was a pretty huge success right out of the gate; it completely took over the gaming conversation in February. Well, it seems that FromSoftware's latest also dominated YouTube, with 3.4 billion views (yes, with a B) in just 60 days!

YouTube Gaming has dropped this little infographic showing us some Elden Ring launch stats on the platform. Aside from that ridiculous view count, the breakdown also shows everyone what y'all searched for, i.e., needed help with.

Those bosses weren't gonna beat themselves were they! Anyway, this a pretty cool insight into Elden Ring's wider launch period, especially in relation to other huge releases.

Elden Ring's stats completely eclipsed two Rockstar behemoths; GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Yes, YouTube has continued to grow since the pair released (especially GTA 5) but still - it's impressive nonetheless!

Were you deep into Elden Ring YouTube walkthroughs around launch? Let us know!