eFootball 2023 Launches This Month, And It's Free-To-Play Once Again

We have to admit we shed a tear when Konami decided to kill off the long-running PES series in favour of the free-to-play eFootball 2022, which still feels like a big step back compared to PES, although it's improving all the time.

Well, it's actually been close to a year now since eFootball 2022 was first playable on Xbox, and so Konami is taking the chance to update the game to "eFootball 2023" - but we don't yet know all the details about what that will entail.

In follow-up tweets, Konami confirmed that "in-game assets and other data" will carry over to the new version, although players will have to "refer to the in-game announcement" for more details about how this will work.

It was also stated that the company "will keep on improving and implementing new features to make the game even more enjoyable", so it sounds like Konami is committed for the long haul, even despite the poor reception at launch.

"We will continue collecting as much feedback from our esteemed users as possible, and we will keep on improving and implementing new features to make the game even more enjoyable for even more football fans."

And to be fair, there have been quite a few updates over the past year that have brought the game up to a much more playable state, and there are still plans to implement an Edit Mode feature and cross-platform multiplayer for free, along with paid content in the form of extra teams and the much-requested Master League — at some point, anyway.

"Thank you for being a part of our community, and bring on eFootball™ 2023!"

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