Devolver's upcoming dungeon crawler Cult of the Lamb hits Xbox later this week on August 11th, and ahead of the game's launch, developer Massive Monster has dropped a new trailer that lays out all the facts.

Well, not all of them, but you know, it's a handy little clip to you get you prepared before jumping in. One important fact that the trailer lets us in on, is how long Cult of the Lamb takes to complete.

Cult Of The Lamb: How Long To Beat?

Cult of the Lamb should take roughly 15-20 hours to complete. It seems a fairly chunky runtime for a game of this nature (and one which will probably kick our butts a fair few times along the way). Speaking of which, there are four difficulty modes at least; easy, medium, hard and extra hard.

Accessibility is another key point for the developer, and Cult of the Lamb not only features remappable controls on console and PC, but it also contains "an abundance of accessibility options" for players to take advantage of.

Will you be trying this one out on Xbox this week? Let us know down there in the comments!