Crash Bandicoot 4 Xbox

It's been a couple of years now since developer Toys For Bob launched the well-received Crash Bandicoot 4, following a sizeable gap since the series' prior original effort. Well, it seems the Activision-owned studio is now cooking something else up.

The developer recently took to Twitter to show off its 'Wall of Games', a huge plaque commemorating all the stuff Toys For Bob has worked on over the years. Curiously, the team has a conveniently-placed slot for an upcoming title.

Now, this could be anything, but the fact that the developer is teasing any sort of upcoming game has taken us by surprise. Last year, the team confirmed its involvement in Call of Duty development, specifically the free-to-play Warzone. Given Activision's continued support for CoD, many of us assumed the developer was no longer working on any other IP.

Well, it seems the team is working on something else! Let's hope their upcoming game is either Spyro, Crash, or something completely new.

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