Xbox bethesda roundhouse

Since Xbox fully acquired Bethesda last year, quite a few of the company's studios have remained tight-lipped on the future. Sure, we now know quite a lot about Starfield and Redfall — after the Xbox showcase anyways — but the future of teams like Id Software and Machine Games remains fairly unknown. That's also true of Roundhouse Studios.

Roundhouse is a smaller Bethesda team, currently working alongside Arkane on the development of Redfall. However, thanks to a job update, we now know that the studio is also working on an unannounced project.

Bethesda formed Roundhouse right around the same time as the company merged with Xbox, and in the time since, we've known about their involvement with Redfall. For now, nothing else has really been said about this upcoming Roundhouse project.

Still, it's good to know Xbox Game Studios has even more in the pipeline than what's formally announced - which in itself is quite a lot, let's be honest. We're looking forward to some of these projects finally hitting Xbox next year, where Bethesda has a pretty busy six months with Redfall and Starfield launching.