After rumours began to swirl about a return earlier this week, we can confirm that Alone in the Dark is indeed coming back! This classic 90's horror franchise has been dormant for some time, with THQ Nordic now in the driving seat for its return.

The publisher has announced the new title at its 2022 showcase, which featured 14 games in total. For now, the new entry is simply titled 'Alone in the Dark', and it'll be a remake of sorts containing elements of the first three games in the series.

"The famous horror franchise makes its return! This re-imagination of the original trilogy aims to scare you to the bone and returns to infamous locations with a whole new story and mythical places to explore. Alone in the Dark is developed by Pieces Interactive in Sweden and will be coming to PC, Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5."

Now, THQ Nordic says that this is a completely original story, while incorporating characters, locations and themes from the classic games. We're not 100% sure how that'll work, but we're imagining something along the lines of the recent Resident Evil remakes, where certain liberties were taken compared to the originals.

This is looking pretty impressive from the trailer alone, and we're intrigued to see how the three games will be remixed to create something new for next-gen. It's been a long time coming, but Alone in the Dark is finally making its grand return!

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