Halo Infinite
Image: Xbox

As we get closer to the conclusion of Halo Infinite Season 2, more leaks are unofficially revealing new content. Halo's community director at 343, Brian Jarrard, recently addressed this - noting how the team was about to emerge from its cocoon.

Next week, there'll apparently be a new update issued - outlining the "next several months" of Halo Infinite. Here's the full rundown:

Brian Jarrard @ske7ch: "We're about to emerge from this cocoon. Putting together an update for next week to go over what to expect over the next several months. Once we're fully into regular seasonal/development cadence we'll have more to regularly show and tell"

In terms of what's to come - Halo Infinite fans are still waiting for the official release of Halo co-op multiplayer and also the Forge mode, which has already been showcased in a lot of leaks. Jarrard even went to the extent of saying how he doesn't blame the community for taking matters into its own hands:

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