Xbox Hardware 2022

Yesterday, Microsoft laid bare its company-wide results over the last financial year, and things are looking pretty positive overall. That's definitely the case for its pair of next-gen consoles, Xbox Series X And S, as they continue to see strong global sales.

In fact, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says that in the US, Xbox Series X|S has been the "market leader" for next-generation machines over the last three financial quarters. Basically, the pair of Xbox consoles have outsold the PlayStation 5 during that time.

There have been well-documented stock issues that may be skewing the figures a little bit, but it's no doubt that Xbox is having a strong start to the generation. That successful start carries over to Europe and Japan, where the consoles are performing well in regions that Xbox isn't usually as strong in.

Xbox isn't breaking down its Series X vs. Series S sales officially, so we only know how well the consoles are performing as a pair. In Japan the Series S is proving popular, and we'd expect so globally, in part due to the stock shortages we've seen for Xbox Series X.

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