Xbox Has Created A Series X Console That's Literally Thor's Hammer

Xbox has moved over to the big brother of the Series S for its latest custom console effort. To tie in with the upcoming 'Thor: Love and Thunder' movie, Microsoft has built this beast of a Series X console that's literally a hammer, handle and all.

As per usual this is a sweepstakes affair, where you have to enter a competition to win the system. As of writing the rule page link isn't working (hopefully it'll be live soon), but the tweet explains the basic competition rules, which involve following the Xbox account and retweeting the above post.

This is one of the very best custom consoles we've seen this generation, especially given it's an actual Xbox Series X this time out. Since the new consoles launched, Xbox has favoured the Series S for custom console competitions.

Would you use this thing as a console or a weapon? Let us know your plan of attack in the comments.

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