Update: Well, we've got some good news if you're a fan of this one! According to a tweet from the official Roller Champions Twitter account, the game isn't being cancelled and Ubisoft has shown its "full support" to the title.

Here's the full message that was posted on Twitter earlier today:

Original story: We waited years for Ubisoft's Roller Champions to finally launch on Xbox (and other platforms), and it eventually arrived just a couple of months ago as a free-to-play title, but a rumour is suggesting it might not last very long at all.

According to the well-known journalist Jeff Grubb on the Xbox Era podcast, he received a message from one of his sources suggesting Roller Champions will be cancelled after Season 3. The game is currently in its first season.

"Roller Champions is going to be cancelled after Season 3. I got [the message] yesterday and I'm just reading it now for the first time..."

It's hard to gauge how well Roller Champions has been performing on Xbox thus far, although the 'Top Free Games' list on the Xbox Store places it around twelfth in terms of popularity, which really isn't that bad if the listings are accurate.

So who knows? Maybe this rumour is true and Roller Champions will be cancelled later this year / early next year, or maybe Ubisoft will have a change of heart and allow the game to continue if it can pick up some extra steam.

We'll have to wait and see if Ubisoft has a response to this rumour...

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