We were pretty floored when we had a chance to try out Turtle Beach's Recon Xbox controller last year, as it ended up being one of the most enjoyable third-party controllers we've ever used, boasting great comfort and audio features.

Now, Turtle Beach is back with a similar take on the Recon controller called the "React-R", and the difference this time is that it's $20 cheaper at launch, while still aiming to pack in many of the same features as the Recon.

Available in two different colours, the Turtle Beach React-R Xbox controller includes some of the same audio features as the Recon such as game and chat balance, along with the "Superhuman Hearing" button (which can be useful when listening out for quiet sounds), but it doesn't have the excellent EQ presets as seen on the more expensive version.

It also looks to be very similar in comfort to the Recon, with ergonomic textured grips, handles and triggers, along with vibration feedback in the handles, although it doesn't seem to also have vibration in the triggers.

You're missing out on a few things, then, but ultimately most of the key elements of the Recon seem to be intact in the "React-R", and at $39.99 it sounds like a pretty good deal to us. We'll hopefully be going hands-on with the controller pretty soon, so we'll let you know how it compares to the Recon more exhaustively over the coming weeks.

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We should note that the Recon controller is also currently on sale on both the Turtle Beach website and as part of the Xbox Summer Sale 2022 (in the US), so if you're willing to spend a little bit more, maybe go for that instead:

A new Arctic Camo variant of the Turtle Beach Recon Xbox controller is also on the way in August:

Liking the look of the React-R? Have you tried the Recon controller? Tell us down below.