Thymesia Next Gen Xbox

Update (22nd Jul, 2022): Don't worry, Thymesia is still scheduled for an August 2022 release, but it's been pushed back just a little further to August 18th due to "changes and fixes" that are being implemented as a result of feedback from the game's recent Steam demo.

"After listening to the community feedback from the recent Steam demo, we’ve made the difficult decision to push the launch date for Thymesia back by a few days to August 18. We are 100 percent committed to making Thymesia the best experience possible, and those few extra days allow us to do this by implementing changes and fixes that were asked for across all platforms."

We appreciate all the support and love you’ve shown Thymesia so far, and we can’t wait for you to jump in as Corvus next month!"

Original story (2nd May, 2022): A little over a year ago, Team17 and Overborder Studio revealed Thymesia, a next-gen action-RPG with some serious Dark Souls inspiration. To be honest, this one passed us by at the time, but a new trailer has slammed it right on our radar, especially as it launches really soon.

August 9th 2022 is the release date, for Xbox Series X|S only on the Xbox side of things. Yep, the fact that this one is next-gen only adds to the appeal for us, and we're hoping it can take advantage of the extra power afforded by Xbox Series X|S. Here's a brief look:

If you do some of your gaming on PC and Thymesia appeals to you, then you might want to head over to Steam sometime this week. The PC storefront is including a limited-time demo of Thymesia as part of its Going Rogue Steam Festival, which kicks off later today, May 2nd, through May 9th.

What do you think to this next-gen Souls-like? Let us know in the comments!