It must be dinosaur season or something, because we've just been treated to another brand-new announcement/update on a dinosaur-based game hopefully coming to Xbox! This one's a survival horror adventure called "The Lost Wild".

The game, which is being developed by indie studio Great Ape Games, sees you stranded in a "violent primal world", where the goal is to explore, evade and intimidate as you progress through the narrative.

The Lost Wild is an immersive and cinematic dinosaur game that captures the reverence and terror of nature’s most magnificent animals. Our dinosaurs go well beyond simple monster mechanics, with built-in self-preservation and reactive systemic AI behaviour.

We are able to leverage replayability through our novel take on combat and evasion mechanics. Contest your place in the food chain and intimidate, lure and repel animals using non-lethal weaponry, resulting in both physical and psychological encounters.

Is The Lost Wild Coming To Xbox?

It seems The Lost Wild will be coming to Xbox, but a PC release appears to be on the cards first. It was revealed earlier today that the game is heading to Steam for definite, with consoles to be announced at some point.

Needless to say we'll be keeping a close eye on this one over the coming months!

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