The Crew 2 Arrives On Xbox Series X, Free To Play From July 7-13

Fans of Ubisoft's The Crew 2 will be glad to know that an update for Xbox Series X is now available, pushing the game to 60fps on the console, and adding visual improvements including Fuzz and Screen Space Shadow, weather changes and colour grading. Plus, it's getting a free trial week from July 7th to July 13th!

As of today, The Crew 2 features two performances modes on Xbox Series X in the form of "Resolution" (4K dynamic, 30fps) and "Performance" (FullHD dynamic, 60fps). The same can't be said of the Xbox Series S, with Ubisoft stating that "our teams are still investigating the possibility at this time", but the console does at least benefit from the new Fuzz and Screen Space Shadow features. You can check out a breakdown per-console below:

The Crew 2 Arrives On Xbox Series X, Free To Play From July 7-13 2

If you're wondering, "Fuzz" aims at "improving the lighting simulation of 'fluffy' material such as grass, branches, or small bushes in the distance", while "SSS" is used to "help improve the in-game shadows by using the information available on your screen (the player camera)".

Here are some of the other features Ubisoft has been promoting with this latest update:

"Quality-of-life improvements now available with the latest update of The Crew 2 include handling improvements, better color grading and a reworked weather system. Handling has been harmonized across the entire Rallycross vehicle category, and handling modifications have been made to some Touring Car vehicles, following player requests.

Color grading has been improved to find the right balance of color, contrast, and brightness, as well as lighting. The new weather cycle brings more variety to the game world as well as a visual overhaul of snowy events."

You can play The Crew 2 for free on Xbox from this Thursday, July 7th until Thursday, July 13th, providing a chance to check out the new improvements alongside all the content added in the Season 6 Episode 1 update, which includes six new playgrounds and a partnership with three-time world drift champion Chris Forsberg.

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