Fall Guys Adds Halo Content With New 'Spartan Showdown' Event

Update [July 4]:

Today is the last day to earn your Halo cosmetics in Fall Guys! 343 Industries has posted a timely reminder, with the event wrapping up later this evening.

Original Story [June 30]:

The Halo and Fall Guys crossover continues, as the "Spartan Showdown" event has officially begun in Fall Guys, bringing a variety of free and paid content to the game, including the ability to acquire a Master Chief Fall Guy outfit.

As you might expect, the costume isn't free to acquire, costing 1200 Show Bucks in the store (around $10 in value), and you can also pick up a Spartan Bundle, a Grunt Panic emote, a Brute Chieftain outfit and a Grunt outfit.

In terms of the free stuff, there's a new Spartan Showdown game mode based around Blast Balls, with each level having "its own 117-inspired variation", and you can also collect a variety of free Halo-focused unlockables by completing challenges between now and early next week.

Here's a bit more about Spartan Showdown in Fall Guys, along with some images:

Our all new game mode, Spartan Showdown, comes absolutely packed full of new challenges and Bean-117 themed costumes that’ll raise your wardrobe level to elite. There’s more fun than you could shake an energy sword at!

Will you be trying out the Halo Spartan Showdown event in Fall Guys? Tell us in the comments below.