Roundup: Here's What The Critics Are Saying About PowerWash Simulator

You may well laugh, but according to our statistics, PowerWash Simulator is the most highly-anticipated upcoming addition to Xbox Game Pass this week, arriving in just a couple of days (at launch) on Thursday, July 14th.

We are already playing the game here at Pure Xbox, and can tell you that it's definitely worth your time if you like the idea of this sort of thing, but we want a tiny bit longer with it until we provide some more exhaustive impressions (update: you'll now find it in the roundup below!):

Here are some of the early reviews we've spotted today for the Xbox and/or PC versions:

Pure Xbox (8/10)

"PowerWash Simulator is a really chill addition to Xbox Game Pass that you'll likely end up enjoying a lot if you're into this sort of thing, while others will inevitably think it's boring and too repetitive. It does what it says on the tin though, executing on its concept very effectively, while the addition of online co-op is a great touch."

TheGamer (4/5)

"Life is stressful right now, so having a place to set my worries aside and clean up virtual arenas while also giving my own mind a good cleanse is more than welcome, and FuturLab has more than delivered on that grounded fantasy here."

Movies, Games & Tech (8/10)

"PowerWash Simulator is a fantastic and oddly satisfying real-to-life title. With many areas to clean, plenty of cash to earn, and new equipment to buy, you are spoilt for choice. Sadly, though, the action is a little repetitive and some minor tweaks will resolve this problem."

Rock Paper Shotgun (Positive)

"While not everyone will get on with its brand of manual labour, it's a simulator for the everyman. It's not overly complex, doesn't take itself too seriously, and still has plenty of depth for those who just want to hose down a bungalow."

You can pre-install PowerWash Simulator with Xbox Game Pass right now, and it's not a huge download, so it shouldn't take long to download. Then, it'll be ready to go when it arrives on the service this Thursday, July 14th!

Will you be playing PowerWash Simulator on Xbox Game Pass? Tell us down in the comments.