Report: GTA 6 To Return To Miami, Could Be With Us In 2024

It looks like our first details on what to expect from GTA 6 have arrived courtesy of a Bloomberg report, which reveals that the game could be out in 2024 (although developers are said to be "sceptical"), it'll feature a pair of leading characters including a female Latina protagonist for the first time, and it'll take place in a fictional version of Miami.

Sounds like Vice City, then!

In terms of what to expect from the single-player campaign, it's said that the story will be influenced by Bonnie and Clyde, with the aforementioned female protagonist being a playable character. Apparently there was a plan to set GTA 6 across "large portions of North and South America", but ultimately Rockstar had to be "reeled in" and focus instead on the fictionalised version of Miami, with plans to add new missions and cities to the game over time. It's also mentioned in the report that the team is trying to be more cautious compared to other GTA games when it comes to "making jokes about marginalised groups".

The release window definitely doesn't seem to be set in stone, as while developers reportedly told Bloomberg that it's set to release somewhere between April 2023 and March 2024, they still believe it's "at least two years away", and there's supposedly even some scepticism inside the company that it'll be able to live up to expectations.

"After a public controversy four years ago, Rockstar, the maker of Grand Theft Auto, is reinventing itself as a kinder, gentler company. But employees aren’t sure it can still produce the chart-topping caliber of game the studio has become known for."

Maybe don't count on that 2024 part, then... but at least we finally have some details on the game!

Happy with the Miami setting for GTA 6? Do you think we'll see it in two years? Can it live up to the hype? Tell us!